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The Farm
Zydeco Moon farm has been growing beautiful organic produce for the past four years. We are certified organic by the USDA. To insure our customers that we are following the latest organic practices we chose to become certified. Certification entails far more than just the absence of synthetic pesticides and herbicides. The standards require that we have an environmental plan for our farm which prevents erosion and amends the soil in a planned way. A rotation plan for our crops is required to assist in preventing disease. We also have a beneficial landscape of various wildflowers to attract beneficial insects rather than rely totally on spraying. We are required to document everything that we do in the field to insure it meets current organic standards.

Over the last 4 years we have incorporated more land into farming so that we now have a total of 5 acres. We begin planting in March each year and have produce into November. Our primary crops are asparagus, sugar snap and snow peas, all varieties of lettuce, beets, spinach, leeks, heirloom tomatoes, bell peppers, summer and winter squash and fingerling potatoes. We're always looking to try something new, including our latest, purple and yellow cauliflower. We sell at the Watauga County farmers market and at the farm. During the growing season we are always here so stop by and visit or call ahead to have your order ready.

Please check our blog for the latest on our crops and pictures of the farm.

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We bought our farm in November of 2004, and one of the first things I wanted to do was to blaze a trail around the perimeter. Here it is, 2014, and I finally got it done. I actually got it completed in November of 2013, so it only took me 9 years.

The Big Loop is 1.6 miles long, and has a 300' vertical climb, start to finish. It runs along Helton Creek for about a tenth of a mile, and then turns up the mountain. Depending on which direction you are hiking, it has one long haul that rises almost the entire 300', or 3 shorter hauls to climb the 300'. On the creek, you are at 2,566', and at the highest point on The Big Loop, you are at 2,866'. Going either direction, you will hit at least one portion that has a 15 degree slope.

There are several points on The Big Loop where you get great vistas of the Helton Creek valley. At the top, you can look back and see White Top Mountain in Virginia and Pond Mountain on the North Carolina/Virginia border. I have three more trails under way: Heather's Zig Zag, Short Cut and Wild Flower. They will total another 2 miles, maybe a little more. So we should have almost 4 miles of trails to hike on the farm.

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